Lumeway Focuses on Your Goals

Lumeway concentrates on your objectives while providing the engineering and tactical know-how to develop products and processes that work. Lumeway focuses on making your business successful with custom-crafted consulting services that don’t try to force your solution. Your goals remain central to everything Lumeway offers.

Whether you need straightforward product development or clearly defined operating strategies, Lumeway will build on the strengths of your people and resources to determine the best path to your company’s goals. And if it’s your goals that need stronger definition, Lumeway will start there. With clearly defined strategies, Lumeway will develop the most effective tactical approach to put your plans in motion.


Lumeway Simplifies Complexity

Lumeway has the ability to deconstruct complex situations into “digestible chunks,” as lead consultant Jeffrey Summit describes. By identifying the parts of the process, not merely the process itself, Lumeway develops the framework upon which products can move from casual idea to commercial production.

The concept that sits idle on your drawing table today can be transformed into profitable operations tomorrow with the benefit of Lumeway’s years of expertise in product development.



Lumeway Delivers Marketable Solutions

Lumeway’s broad range of experience guides the collaborative process to move your company forward. Lumeway helps you stay focused on your primary objectives as you develop innovative products and explore market initiatives. Lumeway’s expertise encompasses – but is not limited to – these businesses and products in consumer, civil, and military markets:

Utility Covers

WunderCovers™ seamlessly blend manhole, drain, or utility access covers and vaults into their environment.

These American made covers provide easy access, load ratings, and the quality your project requires. Ugly manhole and utility access covers are often part of major design projects. To easily blend these unavoidable but necessary covers into any surrounding surface, WunderCovers™ offers an extensive line of recessed tray covers. Now you can maintain the aesthetics and look you originally intended.

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wundercover utility cover that blends into the environment

Road Safety

Road Markers

LRM001™ internally illuminated solar powered road marker made in America.  Target life 7 years with versions for extreme weather, both hot and cold. Featuring a much larger illuminated field, giving significantly greater target identification at distance and on curves.

  • Visible up to 1000 meters (0.6 mi) • One piece molded frame
  • UV protected polyester filled polycarbonate
  • Rounded sides to reduce lateral impact forces
  • Shatter resistant, even at -40C
  • Low mass to minimize hazard risk
  • Base engineered for maximum adhesion
  • Finger grips to assist installation handling
  • Screw holes for supplementary mounting
  • High and low temperature options
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Seven-day energy storage after full charge

Designed, built and tested in the USA from USA and imported components

road marker reflective lumeway
eye alert road safety lumeway

Eye Alert

EyeAlert Distracted Driving and Fatigue Warning Systems:

The EyeAlert systems focuses entirely on the driver’s alertness levels or inattention to the road ahead regardless of time of day or weather conditions. Making good drivers better because they now have positive immediate feedback that they need to act.

FACT: Despite decades of public awareness and mitigation efforts, over 70 percent of the rural highway accidents remain single vehicle events. The greatest risk occurs during twilight and night. nonetheless the EyeAlert works 24/7 under all conditions including if the driver is wearing sunglasses.

When the infrared camera/sensors simply monitor your eye closure rate and duration – it never sleeps, blinks or takes a break, and when you start exhibiting unsafe patterns, it sounds an alarm. Moreover, because we monitor the person and not the road, it works regardless of weather or roadway conditions; fog, snow, rain on and off highway. Off highway includes Maritime, farming, mining etc. – anywhere a helmsman, or equipment operator is susceptible to fatigue.

Wether you’re driving mine equipment, a tractor trailer, school bus with a sports team, snow plow or you’re a sales rep, the EyeAlert Driver Fatigue Monitor provides that heretofore illusive additional safety margin. Best yet, the new FOURTH generation EyeAlerts are small, portable, sits on your dash and is ready to go in seconds.


Military and Power Systems

Lumeway can design and manufacture custom power electronics for portable or static systems.

Systems include solar power charging of batteries, either flexible or rigid panels.

  • Energy Storage of up to 1KW-hr.
  • AC & DC outputs of up to 700W.

Download PowerBlock Specs .pdf

Solar & Power System Images

solar panels
power system
custom power systems
power system control panel
portable power system

Lighting Systems

novatac lighting systems
flashlights lumeway
night vision

Custom Products

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