Lumeway Products Overview

Road Markers:

LRM001™ internally illuminated solar powered road marker made in America.  Target life 7 years with versions for extreme weather, both hot and cold. Featuring a much larger illuminated field, giving significantly greater target identification at distance and on curves.


Specially formulated to eliminate the problems typical of other adhesives, MarkerBond is more stable than bitumen, contains no damaging fillers, and cures faster than epoxies.


Designed to help you remain safe while driving. Models designed for individual use and for system integration.
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SuperLite tire chains: FUTURE PRODUCT

Designed to help you remain safe in the snow.

LumeWay Tactical:

Power and Solar products for the military.
Night Vision Goggle accesories.


Decorative Vault, Manhole, Utility and Access Covers and Drainage Grates.