Lumeway MarkerBond™

The Lumeway MarkerBond* family of adhesives are non-bituminous, hot-melts designed for the installation of pavement markers, studs, dots and fixtures and remain tough even in elevated temperatures while retaining good low temperature flexibility. For zones where the temperature range goes below -20C we have an enhanced low temperature flexibility formulation.

Specially formulated to eliminate the problems typical of other adhesives, MarkerBond is more stable than bitumen, contains no damaging fillers, and cures faster than epoxies. Its quarter-inch pellet form-factor makes for easier handling, faster startup times, and requires no agitation during application.

Because of the unique divergent needs of our customers' and our target 7 year service life we have created an array of installation solutions. Solutions which mitigate for challenges like extreme heat, snow, high speed traffic and heavy braking zones where impacts result in marker or pavement fails, as well for chip seal, soft shale or limestone aggregate regions where adhesion is always a problem.

Our recommended adhesive and install methodology is determined by:
Roadway characteristics
Weather patterns
Steel or rubber bit snowplows
Indigenous Aggregate
Concrete or Asphalt (variations)

MarkerBond™ Features:
Enhanced range of adhesion and application options
Inert solid, no adverse effects on asphalt, ABS etc.
Can be applied in cold conditions 4C
Does not track in hot weather
Hot Melt 350°
Compatible with most existing application systems (sans agitators)
Reheats in applicator without degradation

*MarkerBond™ is a registered trademark of SerPak, Inc.